Wednesday, December 3, 2008

AU 2008 - day 2

I began today having breakfast with a representative from my employers Autodesk VAR (Microdesk). Following that I attended the "AU Keynote: Autodesk AEC - Out of the Box!" which was lead by Jay Bhatt, Autodesk Sr. Vice President, AEC, and a team of AEC experts that covered how BIM and Integrated Project Design (IPD) process, and how BIM and Integrated Project Delivery have revolutionized the new Autodesk LEED-certified AEC Division Headquarters. This Keynote also contained a few live demonstrations by Autodesk application experts showing a proposed project design and delivery workflow from concept to construction which I found to be impressive.

My next scheduled session was "Preventative CAD Management" which I chose to replace with attending one of the AU Unplugged sessions titled "Create and Deliver Custom Video Training for Your Users" which was an open discussion focused on methods of creating video content using various software applications and choosing appropriate publish formats for sharing that content over corporate Intranets/Extranets, the Internet, as well as offline. I was able to gather some new methods of sharing video content from those who attended this session and were gracious to share the methods they currently use within their companies. My hope is to develop a robust video training library in the coming months to aide my company in some current and future training initiatives.

During lunch I was invited to a "Civil Direction Briefing" where we reviewed the future direction of AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Civil, and the Autodesk Civil Solutions in general. I was required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) so I'm not able to talk about any details discussed during this enlightening meeting, sorry. Following that special lunch I attended two sessions titled "Learn to Hack AutoCAD Installations for Custom Deployments" and "Get Your Head Out of the Point Cloud: Using AutoCAD Civil 3D for Large Surface Data Sets" which I found both to be filled with excellent information.

Later is the AUGI Annual Meeting followed by the AUGI Beer Bust which I plan to check out for a short time but expect to head back to the hotel room early to get a good night rest for tomorrow. During the AUGI Beer Bust which will be in the Exibit Hall the AU Design Slam Preliminary rounds will be held which looks to be an exciting competition for some of the elite design professionals in attendance and those watching. Quite a day!

I plan to post additional details about everything AU 2008 following this week so be sure to check back.

Till then...happy CADing!

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