Monday, September 29, 2008

New version of Worksharing Monitor for Revit 2009 now available!

New version of the Worksharing Monitor for Revit 2009 compatiable with the 64-bit releases is now available from the Autodesk Subscription site. Below is a direct link to the download location (you'll need to be logged in to access).

Looking for some more details, read on...

Release Date: 2008-09-29
Worksharing Monitor facilitates the use of Revit® Architecture 2009, Revit® Structure 2009, or Revit® MEP 2009 software in a worksharing environment, in which multiple people work on one project. For workshared projects, Worksharing Monitor answers questions such as:
  • Who is currently working on this project?
  • Is my local copy of the project up-to-date?
  • When will my Save to Central operation finish?
  • Has my request to borrow elements been granted?
  • Are any issues interfering with my work on a Revit software project?
Note: Worksharing Monitor is not useful for standalone Revit software projects, which do not use worksharing to divide the work for a project among several people.

Worksharing Monitor is now compatible with the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Revit Architecture 2009, Revit Structure 2009, and Revit MEP 2009 software.

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