Friday, March 2, 2007

Information Overload!!!

Holy cow, there seems to be an endless amount of new and enhanced features coming in the 2008 Autodesk products. In addition to all the great enhancements comes major product name changes and entirely new products being introduced. Autodesk is really bring the heat so to speak come April, and I'm excited!

From minor command enhancements to entirely new applications such as Impression, I can only ponder as to what will come next. Products that once came at a cost that are now free to playing well with the competitions file types (DGN), Autodesk seems to be listening to all the feedback from it's customers and delivering the goods.

I hope to find a little extra time soon to comment on some of my favorites being introduced in the 2008 platform product AutoCAD as sell as some some of the Verticals. With information assistance from some of the Autodesk Bloggers out there I'll begin compiling some of the hottest new features in my opinion and posting some detailed information about each.

Check back soon...