Saturday, February 17, 2007

2008 Autodesk Products Up Close and Personal

More information about the 2008 Autodesk product line continues to rain out of the San Rafael, CA headquartered powerhouse of design software. In addition, many bloggers are beginning to review all the new features of each product which should be publicly available around April. I for one am looking forward to many of the new features in the AutoCAD platform product such as adjustable columns in Mtext, Tables with 2way link to Excel spreadsheets, and unique Layer Properties per Viewport just to name a few.

Click here for more info from the Autodesk Preview 2008 site.

Lets take a look at the product packaging:

Autodesk Platform Products:

AutoCAD-Based Solutions for Architects, Civil, and MEP Engineers:

Revit Platform for Building Information Modeling:

Autodesk Geospatial Solution Suite:

Manufacturing Software Products:

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