Tuesday, February 13, 2007

2008 Autodesk Products Heading Our Way Soon

Once again a new year at Autodesk and their almost ready to introduce their new 2008 product lineup to the public. Recently there have been some other exciting announcements such as Design Review becoming a free product and Home Use Licensing available to Subscription customers as I mentioned in my previous 2 posts. Lynn Allen already is posting information about some of the new features of the new AutoCAD 2008 base product on her blog.

Of course AutoCAD will be their first unveiling with the other desktop verticals coming shortly after. Personally I'm excited to begin working with the much refined and well performing Civil 3D 2008 compared to its predecessor versions. I also look forward to the new features in store for us with Design Review 2008 which you can check out on Scott Sheppard's blog.

If you want to keep updated on the entire 2008 Autodesk product line as its introduced visit the Autodesk 2008 Preview mini-site and sign up to receive e-mail notifications or subscribe to the RSS Feed. Also available is Autodesk formal Press Release describing their global vision for the design software industry.

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